Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phoenix-Dec, 2009

We had a wonderful trip to Phoenix!  As you can see we were fortunate to do so many fun things!  We celebrated Christmas all over again with Eric and Debbie, mom and Bill.  We played Bocce Ball with papa at the clubhouse located right up the road from them.  Eric, Jas and Bailey went golfing one day at the Duke.  Jas ended up taking Bay by 7 strokes!  On Tuesday we spent the better part of the day at the Mulder house!  It was so fun to see the girls and Dottie and catch up with them.  On Wed. we celebrated Emily's birthday at Mukuto's!  Its a fun place for kids to climb through fake trees and tunnels and bridges!  The boys had so much fun!  Happy 5th Birthday Emily!  On New Years Eve we played poker at Eric and Debbie's!  Bailey was so excited we were playing for money, but Jas told him he had to hide his poker face,  so thats what the green shirt is all about.  Bailey hung in there past Debbie and Jason.  Eric's friend ended up taking home all the money.  Well, last but not least, the second day we were in Phoenix,  we decided to take mom for a hike or more like a walk on South Mountain.  She ended up tripping and falling head first and we had to call 911.  It freaked me out, but I tryed to remain calm.  She ended up in the ER with 24 stitches on her eyebrow and a fractured hand.  She was pretty much black and blue all over her face and on her fingers!  So poor mom spent most of our trip in her bed on REESE ORDERS!


Lynner said...

Loved seeing all the pictures. So cute of the kids. Glad you guys had so much fun on your Christmas vacation. Memories forever!!! We love and miss you all, Nanny and Paco

Smith Family said...

Great pictures:) I'll have to teach Cooper the shirt over your face poker trick!