Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seaview Snow Video!

More Beach Pics!

Just a few more beach pics with Tim, Grandma Bailey and the family!

The day after the snow in Seaview!

This was the day after the big "Seaview Snow Storm". Yep, 50+ degrees and lots of sun. Can't beat the beach weather. We had a great time with Jen's dad and got to visit with Grandma Bailey a lot watching the NCAA basketball games. Jason

Spring Break Snow in Seaview!

Nothing like a little snow in Seaview during Spring Break. The pics were taken March 26th, 2008, around 2pm. I took a nap upstairs around 12 noon with heavy rain sounds on the roof. I woke up at 1:30pm to the quiet sounds of........Snow. It stopped snowing around 4pm. Quite a spring break. Jason

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Madness is here!

Remember these young Gonzaga Fans!

More Smith Visit pictures!

Chef Hayden and her helper Brady whipping up a dish! She is quite the cooker.

I Laugh soooo funnyyyyyyyyyy!

Coach Reese with Ref Cooper Looking on!

Smile Brady!

We can't forget Blake and the Leap Year Frog hunt! I think we had more fun finding the frogs at the dollar store than the kids did finding the frogs.

9th B-Day Birthday Pics

Here are some pics from the big Leap Year party with the Smiths. It was a great weekend together.