Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fort Fest in our living room!

November 2009
Gosh it's hard for me to remember exactly when all this fort building started.  But it seems like we've consistantly had a fort in our living room every morning for 6 months!  It's the first thing Brady does after the brothers go to school.  His fort's consist of couch "pushins", (as Brady would say), couch pillows, every single stuffed animal from his bedroom, his pillow and lots of blankets.  Oh and we can't forget his lovey's and bear!  Its so cute he'll ask, "can I build a fort mom"?  And I say as long as you pick it up!  But guess who ends up picking up or at least helping, yes mom or dad (if it's still up come dinner time).  On this particular morning Maggee thought it would be a good place to take a nap.  So Brady let her.  I have to say these days won't last forever.  So what the hell, right!

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Lynner said...

So cute!! yes, those days won't last forever so take it all in. Love, Mom