Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spokane with 60 inches of snow in December!

We went up to Snowkane after Christmas and got to play in the 3+ feet of snow on the ground. It was quite the sight. The kids loved it. We helped Pat shovel off the decks before they collapsed like the rest of the buildings in town.


Lynner said...

Great pictures Jason!!! Pat and I loved having you with us for the record snow fall and for Christmas. Thanks for all the help and the great pictures. Thank God, it is slowly melting. Pat says "thanks alot" for all the help on the decks,etc. We love you guys, mom and Pat

Lynner said...

Jas, thanks for all the help with the snow and the decks!!!loved having you guys here,Pat

Lynner said...

Nanny and Paco had a great weekend seeing you guys. We love and miss you so much. Cannot wait to see you guys again. Love, Lynner