Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Vegas Pics!

Here are some more pictures of our trip to Vegas. We took in the sights, drinks, crowds and a few shows during our visit. We saw Zumanity at the New York New, York one night and hit the piano bar and Coyote Ugly after that. The next day we hit the pool at Mandalay Bay again and then off to the mall and walked back to the hotel in a thunder/dust storm. It was just right down the block (3miles-it looks closer) Then we grabbed a two foot tall drink on the strip and hit Tony and Tina's Wedding at the Rio. That was fun. Then it was off to the top of the Rio to take in the Vegas View at night and off to the fountains. We were pooped out and found out that we're not 21 anymore!


Lynner said...

Looks like a great anniversary in Vegas!!!!Thanks for posting all the pictures. We had a 2 hour lay over at the airport on our way to the Cayman's. We could see the Vegas strip and all the beautiful hotels. Atleast you just had a dust storm there and not a hurricane. Anyway, glad you guys had a great vacation. Have a fun weekend with Gwen,Eric and Debbie, all the kids. Love to all, Pat and Lynn

Lynner said...

HEY, ABOUT SOME SOCCER PICS!!!we love and miss you all. Love, Nanny and Paco