Monday, June 25, 2007

Want to race Ed or Pat!

Hey Ed and Pat, I have been training hard at swimming lessons this week and almost beat an 8th grader in the 50m. Looks like your both going down next time we meet in the pool! Bailey


lynnhathaway said...

Hey Bailey, we love the picture of you swimming. You are awesome to almost beat the 8th grader. Keep up the great swimming. We cannot wait to see you at the reunion. I love you,Nanny

patmcchesney said...

Hi Bailey,

I will warn Ed that you are working hard at your swim lessons and will soon catch up with him!

Next time you come visit us or Nanny and I come to your house, we can put our goggles on and do a few laps in the pool!

Keep up the good work!

Love, PACO (aka Pat)

Mac Daddy said...

I think Bailey will pass me in the pool and then the 8th grader. He'll never defeat me in foosball, though.