Monday, February 18, 2008

9th Leap Year Pics!

Will post on the 29th!

More past Leap Year pics!

Nothing like a sweet dew for a couple 12 and 16 year olds. Dang, you could have parked a jet in that part of mine! The 29th is fast approaching! Stay Tuned!


Yes, this year is Leap Year! I can't believe that Krista and I haven't spent our birthday together since we were 4 (16 if I do the math for you). Well is took five years (20), but we're going to do it this year. Krista and the family will travel down to Payette to spend the weekend and celebrate our 9th (36th) Leap Year Birthday together. Can't wait! Love ya sis! Jason
Bonus Question? Can you name the dogs in the wagon?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blake playing Upwards Basketball with coach Dad

The music is blaring...Hands are clapping....At 3 foot 8",starting guard, BLAKE REESE!!!

Dad coaching as Blake plays some pressure defense.

Blake with a fresh haircut for his first game!